The Flash | Ezra Miller in double dose and Michael Keaton’s Batman signs are in teaser at DC Fandome

Scarlet Sprinter’s first adventure opens November 4, 2022 in theaters.

During DC Fandome, “ The Flash ”, Scarlet Sprinter’s first solo adventure in theaters, got a new teaser. Despite the few footage, the video features narration of Michael Keaton’s Batman, and promises adventures in alternate timelines for Ezra Miller’s protagonist.

Watch below:

Benjamin Wallfisch, composer of  “It – The Thing”  and  “Shazam!” , will be responsible for the soundtrack.

“The Flash” will show Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen needing to step back into the past, triggering a series of events that will introduce the concept of the multiverse to the DC Universe in theaters. The film will feature Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Keaton and Ben Affleck return as Batman, and other hero versions are also expected to be present.

Maribel Verdú will play Barry’s mother, Nora Allen, and Kiersey Clemons will play Iris West. Ron Livingston takes on the role of Henry Allen after Billy Crudup had to leave the project.

After three directors, and two different versions of the script, “The Flash” found in Andy Muschietti, filmmaker responsible for  “It – A Thing”  and its sequel, its new commander. Christina Hodson ( “Birds of Prey” ) is in charge of the script.

“The Flash” premieres on November 4, 2022.