A new spot of The Flash contains further unpublished scenes of the awaited cinecomic, already described by James Gunn as “one of the best superhero films ever”. Gunn , we recall, is the new head of DC Studios along with Peter Safran .


We see little Barry ( Ian Loh ) together with his mother Nora ( Maribel Verdú ), before the latter’s death. As an adult, the Flash ( Ezra Miller ) travels back in time to save her, but his intervention in the timeline changes everything, and Barry finds himself in a world without metahumans. With Batman ( Michael Keaton ) and Supergirl ( Sasha Calle ), he will have to stop the invasion of General Zod ( Michael Shannon ).

The comments from CinemaCon in Las Vegas are enthusiastic , so we’ll see. In the meantime, you will find the commercial and four new images below.

The spot

The photos


The film is inspired by Flashpoint . In the comics, Barry Allen goes back in time to prevent the murder of his mother Nora , and distorts the timeline of the DC universe , finding himself in a very different present: in this timeline , he never became the Flash and Earth lives a deep crisis situation, also because many superheroes are no longer superheroes; Wonder Woman and the Amazons, for example, have conquered the United Kingdom, while Aquaman has devastated Western Europe with a tidal wave to annex it to his rule. Batman exists, but behind his mask is Thomas Wayne, not his son Bruce , who was killed during the infamous robbery. However, it will not be a faithful transposition, as we already know.

Director and cast

The screenplay is by Christina Hodson ( Bumblebee , Birds of Prey ), while the direction is handled by Andrés Muschietti ( La Madre, IT ). The cast includes Ezra Miller ( Barry Allen / Flash ), Kiersey Clemons ( Iris West , historic romantic interest of Barry ), Maribel Verdú ( Nora Allen , mother of Barry ), Michael Keaton ( Tim Burton ‘s Batman ), Ben Affleck (the Batman byZack Snyder ), Sasha Calle ( Supergirl ), Michael Shannon ( Zod ), Ron Livingston ( Henry Allen ), Saoirse-Monica Jackson , Rudy Mancuso and Ian Loh ( Barry child).

A troubled project

Seth Grahame-Smith , Rick Famuyiwa and the duo of Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley took turns directing the project , before coming to Muschietti .

Flash to the cinema

Meanwhile, Ezra Miller played the Scarlet Sprinter in Justice League . However, Barry Allen ‘s film debut took place in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , where he appeared in a double cameo.