The first clip of The Flash sees the two Barry Allens played by Ezra Miller , exploring the Batcave of Michael Keaton ‘s Batman .


The Bat Man makes his triumphal entrance on stage, explaining to the boys that he will help them reach Superman, but then they will have to deal with it alone.

The synopsis:

In “The Flash” the worlds will collide when Barry uses his superpowers to travel back in time, and change the events of the past. When an attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, Barry is trapped in a reality where General Zod returns to threaten destruction, and with no Super Hero to turn to…unless Barry can convince a decidedly different Batman. to return to the field to rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian…despite not being the one he’s looking for anymore. Ultimately, to save the world he’s in and return to the future he knows, Barry’s only hope is to run for his life. But will this ultimate sacrifice be enough to reset the universe?


The film is inspired by  Flashpoint . In the comics,  Barry Allen  goes back in time to prevent the murder of his mother  Nora , and distorts the timeline of the  DC universe , finding himself in a very different present: in this  timeline , he never became  the Flash  and Earth lives a deep crisis situation, also because many superheroes are no longer superheroes; Wonder Woman  and the Amazons, for example, have conquered the United Kingdom, while  Aquaman  has devastated Western Europe with a tidal wave to annex it to his rule. Batman  exists, but behind his mask is  Thomas Wayne, not his son  Bruce , who was killed during the infamous robbery.

The cast

Cast:  Ezra Miller  ( Barry Allen / Flash ),  Kiersey Clemons  ( Iris West , longtime romantic interest of  Barry ),  Maribel Verdú  ( Nora Allen , mother of  Barry ),  Michael Keaton  (  Tim Burton  ‘s  Batman ),  Ben Affleck  (  Zack Snyder  ‘s  Batman ),  Sasha Calle  ( Supergirl ),  Ron Livingston  ( Henry Allen ),  Saoirse-Monica Jackson , Rudy Mancuso  and  Ian Loh  ( Child Barry  ).