The Google Assistant is getting smarter: now it will understand us when we make a mistake

Google Nest Hubs will also understand that we speak to  them when we look at them.


Google is working on new Assistant features that will make your daily conversation with users easier.

At Google I/O 2022 , the company noted that on Nest Hub devices , it will no longer be necessary to say “Hey, Google,” since the devices will understand that we are speaking to them if we look directly at the camera they have.

For this equipment, we can also activate its use with quick phrases such as ‘Set an alarm’, ‘Turn off the lights’ or when asking the weather.

The Assistant will understand everything

According to Google, 700 million people around the world get help from the Assistant every month, “but the interactions aren’t as natural as they should be. You should be able to easily start a conversation.”

Therefore, now the Assistant will understand when we make mistakes or hesitate when speaking, to have a more natural relationship with artificial intelligence without the need to pronounce the phrases or words again.

I/ O 2022 has also surprised by revealing that Google Translate will have new languages, including Quechua and Aymara . You can follow all the news at this link .