The Google Pixel 6 will come without a charger, care for the environment or business?

It’s official; the Google Pixel 5A will be the company’s last smartphone to include a charger, which means that the Google Pixel 6 series will come without a said accessory. The Mountain View giant will join the list of companies that have decided. Follow in Apple’s footsteps, and, as many of our readers will recall, the company with the bitten apple was the first to stop including the charger with its smartphones.

Does this mean that I will not be able to charge my new Google Pixel 6? No, don’t worry, in the box, you will find the USB Type-C cable that can be used to charge this smartphone, but you will have to connect it to a device with a compatible USB slot, and obviously, the charging process will be slower. If we have a perfect compatible charger, we can use it. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to buy one, with the expense that this entails.

In summary, the Google Pixel 6 will be perfectly functional even if it stops, including the charger. Still, it is evident that the user experience will not be the same, and that in the end, for convenience, we will have to go to the box and buy a charger, except that As we have indicated in the previous paragraph, we already have one that is fully compatible.

Why will the Google Pixel 6 come without a charger?

The main argument that the greats of the sector are making revolves around a simple idea: caring for the environment. In theory, eliminating the charger that previously came with smartphones reduces electronic waste and the materials needed for packaging and the resources required to transport large quantities of such devices. By having a smaller package, more units can be transported on each trip.

In summary, eliminating the charger has advantages both at an environmental and transport level. Still, we must not forget that, in addition, it is an important business and very profitable for companies that decide to take this path. On the one hand, there is a considerable cost reduction, which implies clear savings and improves the profit margin for each smartphone sold. On the other hand, the need is created, among many consumers, to purchase a separate charger.

In the end, it is a very profitable “business” for Apple, Samsung, Google and, in general, for all companies that decide to stop including a charger with their smartphones. In this sense, we must not forget another accessory that is also being suppressed by many of the greats in the sector, the headphones. If we put all this in context, the conclusion is clear, in the end, the user is the one who has been harmed since they have to pay the same, or even more, for a smartphone that comes without accessories that we could consider as essential.

We are left with the issue of the environment. It is a solid argument for everything we have said in the previous paragraphs. Still, in the end, its actual effectiveness is also in question since many consumers will end up buying a charger. They will likely turn to third companies whose environmental policies are more limited or even non-existent.

I remind you that the Google Pixel 6 series presentation will take place at the end of this year. We do not have a specific date, but everything seems to indicate that it could occur sometime in October. Its specifications have been leaked on several occasions, and you can find them perfectly summarized in this article that we published last July. With the Google Pixel 6, the Mountain View giant will again compete at the top, using its SoC known as Whitechapel.