The Google released the first Android 11 public beta

The Google released the first Android 11 public beta

Google has finally released the first Android 11 beta to the public. You can download the trial version, which is now available to download and install for Pixel phones.Pixel smartphones are always the first to receive Android updates, so if you have a Pixel phone, you can get Android 11. Here

If you have a compatible Google Pixel phone, you can try it out. But it’s not recommended for use with the devices you use every day. These beta updates are unstable and might break your phone. So if you don’t have a spare phone or your Pixel phone is a spare, we don’t recommend trying it.

The latest version of Android 11 will be released in the third quarter of 2020 for Pixel phones and other compatible devices.Keep in mind that this is not the latest version of Android 11, which means that Google can change or fix features in the following versions and may Removed some features too.

The media player has now moved closer to Quick Squares, and when expanded, the controls will show multiple songs or broadcast apps at the same time. When you click on With a “phone icon” you will be able to control the media behavior and allow you to play the sound on any connected device.

If you are using Android 11 beta, you can enable Media Resume controls from setting developer options. Pixel Launcher predicts the most used apps. This feature can be enabled from settings and you can delete specific apps or install predictions on home screen.

The Power menu has been redesigned with on-screen Wallet and Smart Home options. You can now access your wallet from the on / off menu along with smart home control where you can control lights, speakers and other smart home compatible devices. In addition to that, there is a three-dot lock mode, a power off button, a restart button, and an emergency button.

The latest version includes new media controls such as “Playing” and “Now Playing” media in Quick Settings. When expanded, the media player next to Quick Settings will now expand under the tile.Google has moved media controls from notifications.

In the Settings app, icons are now darker than previous versions of Android 10.This version of Android focuses on the switch to a darker theme, as noticed on the home screen as well.UI elements are darker in many places.

Voice Access is for people who control their phones by their voice. This feature received a major upgrade in the latest update. Voice Access feature can now understand screen content and context and create labels and APs for access commands.

With Android 11, chat app developers can use the Bubbles API in their notifications to enable them. You can chat bubble like Facebook Messenger, but it supports every messaging app.

These are the main features you will see in the beta version of Android 11, there are also a few other small tweaks as well. Some of the new things we noticed have been updated in the latest Android Beta Feedback QS themes at Darker on the home screen, the media controls on the lock screen will be redone, the notification panel access from the home screen wallpaper, improved DND support, and emergency notifications. In Spanish language and screen shot interfaces such as iOS and original screen recording.

You can stay in the Android beta program after the first 11 release to preview future Android 11 updates, which may include bug fixes, feature updates, and stability and performance improvements. If you choose to do so, you will automatically receive pre-release updates as soon as they become available. At the end of the program, you will start receiving regular updates.

You can unsubscribe from the program at any time to revert to the generic stable version of Android. If you cancel the subscription when your device is running Android beta, all user data on your device will be deleted. If you choose to keep registering until the end of the program, you will exit the program and receive updates to the stable version of Android 11.Your device will not be deleted.

The updates you receive as part of this program are prerelease and may contain bugs and glitches that may affect the normal performance of your device.

You won’t be able to deregister and revert to a less generic version of Android without first wiping all data saved on your device. You might have trouble restoring backups. We recommend that you review the latest known Pixel issues before signing up for the Android beta. Note: You won’t receive separate monthly security updates while you’re on the trial.

Sign in to your Google account to view a list of your eligible devices. After signing up and agreeing to the Android Beta Program Terms of Service, you can start sharing your thoughts about Android 11 with us directly from your device and by joining the Android Beta Program’s Reddit community.

Android 11 Beta is now available. Learn more about new features and known issues for us by reading our blog post. We are still actively working on the development of the platform and are in the process of adding features and fixing problems.

The feedback you provide will help us fix the problem and improve the platform. Registered devices will automatically be updated to the latest Android beta. Learn more about eligible devices.