The guide to mute contact stories on Instagram

Instagram stories are a format that many users use; however, it is not to everyone’s liking.


Instagram is the favorite social network among young people, since its versatile format allows for various functions.

One of the most notable updates is when Instagram brought out its stories format, which consists of recording small videos or photos with an expiration date of 24 hours.

The story format became popular thanks to the fact that many influencers used it to show small details of their daily lives, causing users to imitate this behavior and be encouraged to upload pieces of their daily lives.

Accessing the stories section is very easy, since it is located at the top of the screen when you start the application. It is there that the user can see the stories of the accounts you are following and slide them if the content is not yours. liking.

However, swiping through stories is often tiring, that’s why Instagram came up with a solution to unfollow a certain contact’s stories without unfollowing them.

This is the mute or ‘mute’ function if the application is in English. When activated, it indicates to Instagram that the user does not want to continue seeing the stories, temporarily, of a contact they follow.

Activating it is simple and can be done in less than a minute in a few simple steps:

  1. Get to the home screen
  2. Swipe the story carousel at the top
  3. Locate the contact you want to mute
  4. Gently press on the contact’s profile picture
  5. Press the ‘Mute’ option, which appears in red letters.

This option allows the user to no longer see their stories on the home screen, but that does not mean that they cannot be seen in other parts of Instagram , since they can be viewed from the profile.