Netflix announces that The hole will have a sequel, and unveils the first photos: however, we don’t know how it will be called, nor when it will be released on the online platform.


For the uninitiated, The Hole is the most successful Spanish film in the history of Netflix. Halfway between political horror and dystopia, it takes place in a vertical prison made up of rooms stacked on top of each other, with a rectangular hole that connects them; every day, the opening is crossed by a platform full of refined provisions, which starts from the top (floor 0) and goes all the way down. The prisoners do not know the number of floors, but they know very well that being at the top – or at least on the intermediate floors – guarantees their survival: in fact, the platform passes only once a day, stops for a few minutes and does not allow food to be stored , under penalty of a fatal increase or decrease in temperature. The “guests” of the upper levels therefore gorge themselves as much as they can, and there are not even crumbs left on the lower floors.

The photos portray two new characters, among which we can recognize the actress Milena Smit , known for Pedro Almodóvar’s Madres paralelas and the series The Snow Maiden . With her we find Hovik Keuchkerian ( The Night Manager ).

Directed again by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia , also producer with Carlos Júarez and Raquel Perea for Basque Films . There is no information on the plot, but in the meantime you can see the photos below.

The photos of The hole, sequel

The official synopsis of The Hole

In a dystopian future, prisoners housed in vertically arranged cells watch food descend from above: the residents of the upper levels go hungry while those below become ravenous and become radicalized.

The hole was presented at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019, and toured various film festivals, including the one in Turin. It was released on the streaming service just days after the lockdown began, in March 2020.