The home robot market grew by 25% in 2021 with a definite winner

The robot vacuum cleaner still dominates among all types of robots for the house.


Robots at home are becoming more prevalent, as confirmed by a recent study by the market analysis firm Counterpoint Research .

The global market for consumer service robots grew by 25% in shipments globally in 2021, according to a report by Counterpoint .

The most common robot at home is…

Cleaning robots , particularly robot vacuums , currently lead the consumer service robot market, taking 68.4% of shipments.

“Cleaning robots, which primarily comprise robot vacuum cleaners , are the most dominant category in the robotics industry, capturing more than two-thirds of all consumer service robots. COVID -19 has positively affected the robot vacuum industry, resulting in increased demand from residential users,” said Anshika Jain, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint Research .

The home cleaning robot segment alone grew by 22% in 2021.

China has been the largest market, followed by Europe and North America. Brands like iRobot , Ecovacs and Roborocks stand out.

The second most common type of robot at home

A 31.2% of the global consumer service robot market is taken by the “Personal and Education” category.

These types of robots are aew designed to care for older adults, combat social isolation, personal entertainment and education of children.

Other smaller robbery categories

Hospitality (0.3%): robots used to attend receptions and disinfectant robots.

Logistics (0.07%): robots  used by companies to make home deliveries.

Medical (0.01%): surgical robots , exoskeletons, and delivery robots within hospitals or clinics.