It’s been years since the last update on Hot Wheels.


The film inspired by the famous cars, but now Mattel, Warner Bros. and Bad Robot have finally found the writers who will take care of writing it. It will be Dalton Leeb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson , two screenwriters who ended up on the infamous Hollywood Black List, i.e. the list of the best scripts that have not yet become films, with Strongman , a film that tells the story of the making of Star Wars from the point of view of David Prowse , the bodybuilder called to play Darth Vader.

The two have several projects in the works: Endurance , a Netflix film produced by Simon Kinberg ( X-Men: Dark Phoenix ) and centered on a group of robots shipwrecked on Mars, who begin to wage war against each other while building a human colony. Additionally, they are writing the film The Fall for Amblin and Blackmaled Productions.

Robbie Brenner, Kevin McKeon and Andrew Scannell will develop Hot Wheels for Mattel. Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen will oversee the project for Bad Robot, JJ Abrams’ company.

For now there are no other details on the project, but we will keep you updated.