The impressive photographs of Earth obtained by a private Japanese mission

Hakuto -R is on its way to the Moon to become the first private mission to land on its surface.


Japan’s Hakuto-R mission has returned great photos of Earth on its journey to the Moon .

This project, developed by the iSpace company and sent into space on a SpaceX rocket , has captured the stars with its attached cameras.

The photos of Earth obtained by Hakuto-R

The mission has returned two large photographs of our planet so far.

In one of them you can see a half moon that, although it looks like the Moon , is our Earth seen from cislunar space.

In addition, its multi-camera imaging system developed by Canadensys Aerospace Corporation also managed to capture a more detailed image of the balloon, with great detail even in color.

“Designing systems that operate in the harsh environment of the lunar surface is always a challenge, but we feel we have done it well. We look forward to sharing equally spectacular images when we land on the Moon , ”said Frank Teti, CEO of this agency.

a historic mission

Hakuto-R will attempt to land on the moon to become the first private mission to do so in history.

This lander carries a UAE-built rover called Rashid , as well as a ball-shaped robot called SORA-Q, developed by Japan’s JAXA and TOMY toy company.

The road for the probe is months, since it is expected to reach the Moon in April.