Only he was missing, by now, except for some Sony Spider-Man . But now The Incredible Hulk .

the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is finally available on Disney+ , even if not in Italy. We suspect that, however, it will arrive soon.

The reason the Edward Norton film had not yet been uploaded to the platform was purely legal: Universal Pictures owned the rights to the film, having released it theatrically before Disney bought Marvel Studios. The latter were allowed to use the Hulk in their films, but not make a Hulk solo film. Now those rights have expired and the Hulk is once again 100% Disney property. This also explains why, in recent times, the MCU has begun to recover characters and performers from Louis Leterrier ‘s film : Tim Roth appeared in the role of Emil Blonsky / Abomination in She-Hulk , while in Captain America: Brave New World they will return Liv Tyleras Betty Ross and Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns, aka the Chief.

Edward Norton has meanwhile been replaced by Mark Ruffalo , and if it weren’t for William Hurt ‘s presence as Thaddeus Ross in various Marvel films, it could also have been said that the events of The Incredible Hulk were almost put out canon. But they weren’t, really: Disney just had to avoid talking about it until the right moment.