The Internet wants short videos: TikTok had more Internet traffic than Google in 2021

TikTok continues to raze the statistics on the Internet , and has now dethroned Google to position itself as the most searched website in the world.


Internet traffic continues to grow and this year has not been the exception, although with a little help from the pandemic , and according to the latest report from Cloudflare Radar it shows us the changes in the ranking of the most popular domains.

Last year, TikTok came in at number seven in the rankings with Google leading the way. Now, by 2021, the short video platform has dethroned the search giant and positioned itself at the top of the ranking, beating Amazon , Netflix , Facebook and Microsoft .

Cloudflare indicates that TikTok peaked in the global traffic rankings on February 17, 2021, followed by a few days in March, June and, to consolidate the leadership, in August.

The rise of TikTok

Although the platform emerged as a popular dance and lip sync video app among teens, TikTok evolved to offer short content based on user preference, which increased during the pandemic attracting audiences in search of cooking tricks. , memes and curiosities, among other topics.

It should be noted that TikTok , whose parent company, ByteDance , is headquartered in China , is the only non-US site to rank in Cloudflare’s top 10 .