The iPhone 13 are surpassed by nine Android phones in selfies

DXOMARK’s evaluation has not been generous to Apple when it comes to the front camera.

The iPhone is one of the most used by influencers cell, but is the best cell for selfies?

DXOMARK answers our question and, we warn you, Tim Cook will not like this.

The DXOMARK Selfie Camera Index has the iPhone 13 below nine Android cell phones from the brands Huawei , Asus and Samsung .

The Huawei P50 Pro is the best cell phone in this regard, according to DXOMARK with 106 points. The iPhone 13s share a score of 99 when it comes to selfies.

The evaluation

DXOMARK found in the selfie camera the iPhone 13 Pro Max positive aspects such as good skin color tones, good ability to capture details, a wide dynamic range and great focus in the videos.

However, he also saw that Apple lacks fine-tuning details such as the loss of detail in low-light videos, focusing in some situations, and some lighting artifacts.