The iPhone 14 Pro camera shakes and generates noise with applications such as Instagram or TikTok

Reports from different users indicate that third-party applications destabilize the iPhone 14 Pro camera module .


Different users have begun to report problems such as tremors or noises in the iPhone 14 Pro camera module when using third-party apps.

According to reports, users see how the rear module shakes, makes noise or ‘rattles’ when opening applications such as Instagram or TikTok.

What’s going on?

According to comments from Reddit and Twitter, users are registering this problem only in third-party apps, not when they open the iOS camera application itself.

In the published videos, it is seen how the image distorts itself, without movement or settings, while at another moment it generates noises with Snapchat.

In case you have doubts: the videos show physical movement of the module, not only what is visible through the screens.

For what is this?

What 9to5Mac is saying is that it may be a software issue related to optical image stabilization, which may not have been polished for non-system apps at launch.

Mind you, it’s still unclear if the issues are on Apple ‘s side or third-party apps.

iPhone 14 Pro units began arriving to customers in select regions last Friday. Its price starts at $999.