The iPhone 14 Pro would continue to use the Lightning connector

The good news: Apple would finally upgrade to USB 3.0 for better data transfer speeds.


Apple could keep the Lightning connector and not opt ​​for USB-C for the iPhone 14 Pro , as has been speculated.

iDrop News , a site specialized in all of Apple, indicated that the Lightning connector will be maintained with 10 years of existence.

According to the website, the reason would be one: money. Apple would not be willing to give up for the royalties it gets from its connector despite pressure from the European Commission to adopt USB-C.

Apple would continue to use Lightning until it decides to enable data transfer via MagSafe, which would allow it to continue charging a hefty royalty for another proprietary system.

The iDrop News source did not detail whether the standard iPhone 14 models would also receive the upgrade .

lightning faster

But there would be good news. Lightning would finally be upgraded to USB 3.0, iDrop News reports .

Since its introduction with the iPhone 5 in 2012, Lightning transfer speeds have been limited to the USB 2.0 protocol.

This means that transfers with the Lightning cable reach maximum speeds of 480 Mb/s (60 MB/s). A speed that is obviously not up to the level of new options such as ProRes video that occupies about 6GB PER MINUTE recorded.

USB 3.0 will allow Apple to offer a more competitive transfer speed of 4.8 Gb/s (600 MB/s).

At least in this trend, Apple will be far behind competitors like Samsung , which already includes USB 3.0 in its flagships since the Samsung Galaxy S5 , launched in 2014.