The iPhones compatible with iOS 16 and those that Apple will leave aside

The iOS 16 update will require an iPhone released in 2017 or later.

Apple recently introduced iOS 16 , the new version of the iPhone operating system that offers more customization options along with improvements that many Apple users expect.

iOS 16 is currently in its beta phase and we already know that it will sideline some iPhone models when it is officially released.

iPhones that are not compatible with iOS 16

Apple says goodbye to two generations of iPhone at once, along with the first of the iPhone SE :

📵 iPhone 6s

📵 iPhone 6sPlus

📵 iPhone 7

📵 iPhone 7Plus

📵 iPhone SE (2016)

The iPhones that are compatible with iOS 16

After this cut in support, iOS 16 will reach devices from the iPhone 8, released in 2017.

📱 iPhone 13

📱iPhone 13mini

📱 iPhone 13 Pro

📱 iPhone 13 Pro Max

📱 iPhone SE (2022)

📱 iPhone 12

📱 iPhone 12mini

📱 iPhone 12 Pro

📱 iPhone 12 Pro Max

📱 iPhone SE (2020)

📱 iPhone 11

📱 iPhone 11 Pro

📱 iPhone 11 Pro Max

📱 iPhone XS

📱 iPhone XS Max

📱 iPhone XR

📱 iPhone X

📱 iPhone 8

📱 iPhone 8Plus

When does iOS 16 come out?

iOS 16 is expected to have its official launch to the public in the second week of September, accompanying the launch of the new iPhone 14.

What’s new in iOS 16?

iOS 16 will bring new features like the ability to customize your lock screen, keep family photos in a shared iCloud library, schedule emails, and more.

The most recent beta versions of iOS 16 show new features such as the inclusion of a battery percentage indicator on some iPhones with ‘notch’ and a “Copy and delete” option in screenshots to prevent users from accumulating unnecessary images in your Gallery.