The James Webb telescope shows us its magnificence in its first color images

Historically, NASA has revealed the first color images from the James Webb telescope , which will seek to understand the formation of the universe through infrared.


Came the day. This Tuesday, July 12, NASA has revealed the first color images taken by the James Webb Telescope , its maximum observer 1.5 million kilometers away from our planet.

After revealing the image of the SMACS 0723 cluster together with President Joe Biden , now the space agency has continued with more photographs of other stars, which we will review below.

The first color images from the James Webb Telescope

The first James Webb image  focused on the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 about 4.6 billion years old. The light from some of them, however, traveled up to 13 billion years.

This image is incredible for two things: what is seen is only equivalent to the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length in the universe and, in addition, it holds galaxies and stars that may have already disappeared. A look into the past.

The exoplanet Wasp-96b