The Juno probe records the sounds of Ganymede, Jupiter’s moon

The NASA probe captured the audios caused by Ganymede’s magnetic field.

The NASA has released the sounds picked up by the probe Juno of Ganímedes , Moon Jupiter.

The audio was recorded on June 7, when Juno captured the activity of the moon’s magnetic field.

The 50-second clip reveals a sharp change in activity as the probe entered a different part of Ganymede’s magnetosphere , possibly when it exited the night side to enter daylight.

Ganymede in audio

The audio came from the shift of electrical and magnetic frequencies to the audible range. Jupiter’s magnetosphere dominates that of its moons and is present in the recording, but Ganymede is the only moon in the Solar System that has a magnetic field (probably due to its liquid iron core).

The soundtrack was part of a larger Juno briefing where the mission team revealed the most detailed map yet of Jupiter’s magnetic field The data showed how long it would take for the Great Red Spot and the equatorial Great Blue Spot to move around the planet (approximately 4.5 years and 350 years respectively).

The findings also showed that east-west jet currents are tearing apart the Great Blue Spot and that polar cyclones behave much like ocean vortices on Earth.