Filming has begun on the second season of Il Re , the Sky Original prison drama starring Luca Zingaretti . Eight new episodes directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi and written by Peppe Fiore, Alessandro Fabbri and Federico Gnesini .


The second season sees Zingaretti still protagonist as Bruno Testori, the controversial director of a border prison at the end of the first season a prisoner in his own kingdom.

The synopsis

Bruno Testori is now a prisoner in his own prison, when Gregorio Verna, head of the secret services, drops his charges and reinstates him as director. In exchange, he has to get a prisoner to speak, the magistrate Vittorio Mancuso, accused of the murder of an employee of Slimpetroil Spa, a renowned national energy company, discovering why he is guilty of that crime before the man testifies before a investigating judge. When Bruno begins to suspect his innocence and to fear that the services are using him, he decides to see clearly. It will be the beginning of a battle for the truth whose price to pay will prove to be very high.

The cast

Alongside Luca Zingaretti in the role of director Bruno Testori, Isabella Ragonese returns ( She speaks to me again, Rocco Schiavone, The father of Italy ) who again plays Sonia Massini, now commander of the San Michele prison guards, Anna Bonaiuto ( Loro, Veiled Naples, My brother is an only child ) still in the role of the prosecutor who investigates the network of crimes and connivances headed by Testori, Laura Lombardo, who in the new season will be “promoted and transferred” to another court precisely because of her , and Barbora Bobulova ( Scialla!, Pure hearts, Sacred heart) who in the new episodes will again be the ex-wife of the character played by Zingaretti, a service agent who works in the cybersecurity department. Alida Baldari Calabria also returns as Bruno’s very young daughter.

New entries in this season’s cast are Fabrizio Ferracane ( L’Arminuta, The Traitor, Black souls ) in the role of Gregorio Verna, head of the secret services, Thomas Trabacchi ( Nico, 1988, Loves who can’t be in the world, Novel of a massacre ) in those of a magistrate held in San Michele, Vittorio Mancuso, Caterina Shulha ( I can stop when I want, Hotel Gagarin, The man in the labyrinth ) who will be Claudia Agosti, Mancuso’s lawyer, and Stefano Dionisi ( Tre Piani , 1993, Il Grande Gioco ) as a prison inmate who quickly becomes friends with Testori.

The series will be available in all countries where Sky is present. The international distributor is Fremantle.