The second episode of The Last of Us has been available on Sky and Now, simultaneously with the USA and subtitled in Italian .


To recap, we have already published the spoiler-free review of the entire first season of The Last of Us , and since last Monday

we have started a series of weekly recaps with which we will see, episode after episode, what the differences are compared to the video game and what impact they have on the series with  Pedro Pascal  and  Bella Ramsey . Here the recap of episode 1 . Ready for the second one? Let’s go. Obviously, from now on, SPOILERS on episode 2.


The important elements that we focus on today, after reviewing the episode of The Last of Us , are essentially three. The fate of Tess, the prologue with the origin of the pandemic and what it all means for Ellie. As for poor Tess’s departure, things in the game went quite similarly: after passing through the museum – and colliding with the clickers, bodies now completely possessed by the mushroom, blind and sensitive to noise – the three arrive at the Massachusetts State House, but discover that the Lights in that outpost have been killed.

Tess reveals that she has been bitten and even there pushes Joel to take Ellie away, remaining to defend their escape. But in the game, Phaedra’s soldiers are on their trail, not the infected: Tess dies in a firefight, not in an explosion that devastates the entire floor as seen in the episode. Also, in the game Tess tells Joel to find Tommy (Joel’s brother) and bring Ellie to him, since Tommy is connected to the Lights; in the series, however, Tess says to take the girl to “Bill and Frank”. Of course, you will know more as you go along…


As well as the one in the first episode, in which John Hannah explained, well before the apocalypse, how dangerous mushrooms can be, and not just if you fry the wrong ones in a pan, the prologue of the second episode is also all new. The latter changes a very important detail regarding the outbreak of the pandemic. In fact, in the game, through a newspaper, it was discovered that everything had started in South America (in 2013, not in 2003), essentially from contaminated wheat and flour.

In the HBO show those are always the elements from which the contagion was triggered, but starting from Indonesia. Why the change of continent? Because the Cordyceps mushroom actually comes from Asia. The prologue is set two days before the start of the first episode, on September 24, 2003. Everything started at least 30 hours earlier, we are told, but it is presumable that the contagion is already underway. The bombs, both in Jakarta and on US cities, will not stop him.


Before dying, Tess repeats that Ellie is important, because maybe she really is the key to finding a cure, to healing the infected, since she is immune to the fungus (even after a second bite). However, the prologue in Indonesia sheds a sinister light on everything: essentially, if a scholar who has dealt with these accursed mushrooms all her life says that there are no cures or vaccines, what will ever be achieved twenty years later? with the world reduced to a mass of rubble? What role will Ellie really play, for Joel and anyone else?

We continue next Monday!