The meme became real: a lettuce survived longer than Liz Truss as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The meme got real now that Liz Truss , the now-former UK Prime Minister , resigned from her post before a head of lettuce went bad.


Liz Truss , the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom , resigned from her position just 45 days after assuming it and with this action one of the questions that have been most viralized through social networks in recent days was resolved: “ Who will survive longer: the UK Prime Minister or a head of lettuce that has an approximate shelf life of only 10 days? .

Despite the fact that it originally emerged as a meme to mock the low expectations that Truss ‘s election as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had, with the confirmation of her resignation on the morning of Thursday, October 20, which began as a joke ended up becoming a reality. The lettuce outlasted the now former UK Prime Minister since this singular bet began to flood British social networks .

How did the Truss and the lettuce meme come about?

The joke originated thanks to an article published in The Economist  in which Truss was dubbed “the lady of the iceberg” . In this text, the editor predicted that the political expiration date of the policy was already set and that its resignation would be faster than the time it takes for a head of lettuce to spoil.

In addition to making a nod to the good year that lettuce had in the British market, the mockery also made reference to the fact that the Truss administration and the Conservative Party shook the foundations of the markets after a failed attempt to radically reorient the economic agenda of the nation, cutting taxes without indicating how they would pay for this decision.

After this, the official accounts of the Daily Star newspaper began a live broadcast where only a head of lettuce adorned with a blonde wig and bulging eyes was shown, a clear reference to Liz Truss . The newspaper dubbed her mocking creation “Liz Lettuce on Leaf Support . ”

The fall of Struss and the rise of the meme

After the popularity ratings of Liz Struss and her administration took a deep plunge in recent weeks, the chances of her remaining in office seemed utterly distant. To make a comparison, the acceptance of the management looked at the levels of unfavorability that the administration of Vladimir Putin currently has .

After a week full of political setbacks, Liz Struss ended up leaving her position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and although she has caused a lot of ridicule on social networks , the truth is that not many users are surprised by the results of her latest actions.