The most outstanding functionality of Telegram: Groups and Channels

Telegram has endless features, which positions it as one of the best instant messaging applications.


Telegram is WhatsApp ‘s biggest competitor , because its interface is also designed around the user experience and has tools that are just as useful as the green icon app, in addition to similar features and allows you to make: groups, voice calls, place a profile picture, status and send files. Although one of the most striking aspects is that it has a number of notable bots.

Unique features of Telegram

In Telegram , the user can hide his number, use it in its versions for computers, it also allows you to send large files and create an alias. Among the best features of Telegram are: groups and channels; Telegram places that host thousands of viewers, since the groups can have up to 200 thousand members and the channels do not have a limit. 

The purpose of both is to spread public messages, the difference is that, in the groups, interaction of the members can be exhibited and in the channels the communication is unilateral, as if it were a television channel of its own.

How to access groups and channels?

To access groups and channels, just open the Telegram application and tap on the search bar, then write the name of the channel where you want to access. To differentiate both: The channels come with an identifiable megaphone icon, while the groups are accompanied by an icon that has two people (referring to the interaction made by users).

By pressing the ‘join the channel’ or ‘join the group’ button, the user will belong to whoever they have chosen and will be able to enjoy the content that they have, there are public and private channels, Telegram has very good security, so a user who has no contact with the manager of the private channel, only a public channel can join.