The new CEO of Twitter reacts to what will be her next rival: Instagram

Linda Yaccarino already knows that Instagram works in Barcelona , a text app to compete against Twitter . “Game on,” she tweeted.


The new CEO of Twitter , Linda Yaccarino , has reacted to what will be her next big competition: Instagram .

Meta is working on a text app very similar to Twitter and that will be synchronized with all Instagram accounts . Yaccarino already knows this, who will have a tough rivalry as soon as he begins his leadership on the platform.

About Barcelona

Linda Yaccarino reacted directly to a TechCrunch article summarizing the leaked details of Barcelona , ​​this new app that is even expected to launch as soon as June or July.

“Game running,” he wrote.

In this new app, it is expected that new users register with their Instagram data and that the application would use decentralized servers such as Mastodon.

Bloomberg reported Friday that celebrities and influencers are already testing the new app, and that it could launch as early as next month

But it also makes fun

And in the midst of this context, the people who run Twitter started the war on social media over the crash of Instagram’s servers on Sunday night.

More than 180,000 users reported problems with the app on DownDetector , peaking around the afternoon. A Meta spokesman told Reuters it was due to a “technical problem”.

Musk responded with fire emojis to a product designer who tweeted “you can post pics on twitter too .”

They also recalled a tweet from 2021 when the company took advantage of a global Meta social media outage and began greeting new users of the platform.

Linda Yaccarino will assume the leadership of Twitter in the coming weeks. Elon Musk will become CTO of the company.