The new Twitter Blue has added a gold check: How is it different from blue?

Now, in addition to the blue check, there will also be a new gold check for some Twitter accounts . What does his presence mean?


Finally, the new Twitter Blue has officially arrived on the Twitter social network and has brought with it a new account verification badge: the golden check.

Many users realized that, in addition to the already classic blue check, now some accounts have the gold check, especially brands and the media. What will the new recognition process be like?

The new golden check

As the social network and Elon Musk himself had already been announcing, the golden check wants to replace the ‘official’ label of companies.

It will be focused on the most important and recognized brands of all industries. Apparently, it will be an important part of a new “subscription” or usage model dedicated to business: Twitter Blue for Business . This variant, whose data is still scarce, is already in the testing phase.

“This account is verified because it is an official company on Twitter ”, reads when passing the mouse over the golden check on the company profiles. Some brands with this symbol are Google, Apple or Amazon.