The official trailer for the third season of The Orville , titled New Horizons , is available, which will make its debut on Hulu next June 2nd.


The plot of the series

We are in the 25th Century, and the Earth is part of the Planetary Union: the reckless Ed Mercer ( MacFarlane ), returning from a bitter divorce, finally has the opportunity to command one of the Union’s spaceships, the US Orville , and is anxious to begin this new chapter of his life… even if the Orville is not quite at the top of the range. The situation becomes complicated when his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson ( Adrianne Palicki ), is assigned as First Officer on the same ship, sparking a series of squabbles and conflicts involving the vessel’s eccentric crew. Pilot Gordon Malloy ( Scott Grimes), Ed ‘s best friend : together, they’ll go “where no comedy-drama has gone before.”

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane , creator and protagonist of the series, had already debuted in live-action productions with Ted , Ted 2 and A million ways to die in the west , but in television he had always been involved in animation, conceiving Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show . His passion for space was already known: the screenwriter is one of the producers of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey , the docu-series with Neill deGrasse Tyson .

The rest of the cast

The Orville cast also includes Penny Johnson Herald ( Dr. Claire Finn ), Peter Macon (the alien Bortus ), Marc Jackson (the robot Isaac ), J. Lee (the navigator John Lamarr ), Halston Sage (the young and very strong Alara Kitan ) and Norm MacDonald (the gelatinous Yaphit , made in CGI).