Filming on the Penguin series has begun, according to production designer Kalina Ivanov , who released a photo from the set.

“The first day of shooting The Penguin is on the ramp,” Ivanov wrote . “Only the compass can tell us which direction in Gotham we will go.” Not surprisingly, the shot portrays the symbol of a compass.

Probably in the coming weeks we will see some photos “stolen” during filming, with Oz ( Colin Farrell ) and the other characters. We know that the series will tell the rise of the Penguin in the criminal underworld of Gotham City, but on his way will find Sofia Falcone ( Cristin Milioti ), daughter of the late Carmine .

The franchise will then continue with The Batman – Part II , arriving on October 3, 2025 in US theaters: this means that the show will debut earlier, perhaps in 2024. There will be eight episodes, and the first three will see Craig Zobel as director. The films and spin-offs of this saga are not part of the DC Universe , but are included in the Elseworlds label : in other words, they are not part of the main DCU , but of a separate and autonomous universe.

You can see the photo below.

The photo from the set

The Rise of Cobblepot

The show will chronicle the rise of Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham City’s criminal landscape, and will take place after The Batman . The Cobblepot of the film, in fact, is not yet the crime lord that we all know, and he can not stand when they call him Penguin . However, the project has been described as “similar to Scarface “.

Gotham also narrated Cobblepot ‘s rise to power , but the latter – played by Robin Lord Taylor – was not the absolute protagonist.

The authors

The executive producers of the series are Dylan Clark and Matt Reeves , the same as the film. Lauren LeFranc ( Chuck, Agents of SHIELD, Impulse ) will serve as showrunner .

The cast

For now, the cast includes Colin Farrell ( Oswald Cobblepot ), Cristin Milioti ( Sofia Falcone ), Rhenzy Felix , Michael Kelly , Shohreh Aghdashloo and Deirdre O’Connell .


Production will be handled by Matt Reeves ‘ 6th and Idaho , Dylan Clark Productions , DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television .