The second richest man in the world sold his jet so that people do not monitor him on Twitter

Bernard Arnault has been criticized for his dozens of short-duration flights, but with a great impact due to their environmental pollution.


Tired of internet criticism, the second richest man in the world, Bernard Arnault , has sold his private jet to avoid being spied on by Twitter .

Arnault, CEO of LVMH, has a net worth of $133 billion, and, after being followed constantly by a Twitter account called laviodebernard , has decided to sell his plane.

They want privacy

The same account had echoed that Bernard had not registered any flight since September, when before it was very daily.

In the LVMH-owned podcast published on Monday, Arnault admitted the group “had a plane and we sold it.” And he added: “The result now is that nobody can see where I am going because I rent planes when I use private planes.”

Antoine Arnault, the second descendant of the world’s second-richest man, an LVMH board member and Louis Vuitton communications director, also said during the podcast that other people who know where his company’s jet is could give him an advantage. the competitors.

But the criticism is environmental

French accounts using aircraft transponder signals and publicly available information have tracked the use of private jets by Arnault and other wealthy people to reveal how much wasted flight time is used by the world’s richest.

I Fly Bernard recently pointed out that the private planes of millionaires from France have emitted 203 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere in more than 48 hours of flight in September alone.

The issue of taxing the country’s wealthiest for using private jets has been welcomed by French lawmakers and some officials such as Environment Minister Christophe Bechu.

Elon Musk is another of the millionaires who is in the crosshairs of the trackers. He wanted to pay the creator of an account $5,000 to remove it from Twitter, but they rejected his offer. Russian oligarchs have also been tracked down  in the midst of social conflict in Europe.