01 Distribution has released the trailer for The Shadow of Caravaggio , a biopic of the famous and tormented painter, played on screen by Riccardo Scamarcio .

Four years after 7 minutes , Placido returns to directing with a film he wrote in collaboration with Sandro Petraglia and Fidel Signorile .

The film will arrive in our cinemas on November 3rd.

The trailer

taly 1600. Michelangelo Merisi is a brilliant artist and rebellious against the rules dictated by the Council of Trent which traced the exact coordinates in the representation of sacred art. After learning that Caravaggio used prostitutes, thieves and vagabonds in his sacred paintings, Pope Paul V decides to commission a secret agent of the Vatican to carry out a real investigation, to decide whether to grant the pardon that the painter requested after the sentence of condemnation to death for killing a rival in love in a duel. So the Shadow, this is the investigator’s name, starts his investigation and espionage activities to investigate the painter who – with his life and his art – fascinates, upsets, subverts. A Shadow who will have absolute power, life or death, over the fate of a genius in his hands.

The cast

In addition to Scamarcio, the cast includes Louis Garrel as the mysterious Shadow, Isabelle Huppert as the Marquise Costanza Colonna and Micaela Ramazzotti as Lena. Michele Placido will be Cardinal Del Monte, and the film will also see rapper Tedua ‘s debut in the cinema , in the role of Cecco. In addition, there will be Vinicio Marchioni , Lolita Chammah , Alessandro Haber , Moni Ovadia , Lorenzo Lavia and Brenno Placido .

Placido surrounded himself with a series of award-winning collaborators: the sets are by Tonino Zera ( Miracolo a Sant’Anna , Il primo re ), the costumes by Carlo Poggioli ( The New Pope ), the photography by Michele D’Attanasio ( they called him Jeeg Robot ) and the editing by Consuelo Catucci ( 7 minutes , Perfect strangers ). The music is by Planetoid .