The space missions to follow in 2022

After a successful 2021 in aeronautics , this 2022 promises to overcome it with a series of missions that will mark the future of the space industry.


Space exploration, both on the part of government and private agencies, is growing by leaps and bounds and this 2022 does not want to lose the rhythm with a series of them at their precise moment for the future.

For this year, world space agencies are focusing on space exploration, a goal already set for this decade. But before sending humanity to other stars, it is necessary to make the first tests that guarantee successes in the future.

James webb

The space telescope is already on its way to begin its observation of exoplanets in space . Heading to point L2, from where it will position itself to look at the universe, the James Webb can mark a before and after in humanity, obtaining for the first time evidence of planets where life could flourish. But, to see its first images, we must wait until the middle of the year.

DART mission

“Potentially dangerous” asteroids are the order of the day, according to NASA, so knowing how to act in the event of a possible collision of a star with the planet is vital. The US and European space agencies (ESA) have sent a spacecraft that will collide with Dimorphos, a small moon that orbits a larger asteroid called Didymos. The date of impact? September 2022.

Artemis Mission 1

But the key point is the 2022 Artemis, the mission of the NASA will end with the return of mankind to the moon in 2025 . A delay caused the first of this set of steps, Artemis 1, to be dated for this year: the Orion capsule will be propelled into lunar orbit with the SLS rocket to check if the ships are ready to take astronauts to the astro.

The flight of the Starship rocket

But being even more ambitious, the rocket Starship of SpaceX to carry passengers to the moon and Mars this decade . And for this, it is necessary for the system to make its first orbital flight: a return to Earth in one hour. After several delays , 2022 is the precise year for this, the necessary proof of the functionality of this private system.

Chinese space program

But when it comes to ambitions, not only the West is leading the race. China has planned four space missions in 2022 to expand its Tiangong space station, the ship that rivals the ISS , launch rockets from the Chinese ocean, continue exploring the Martian soil with the Zhurong rover and with the YuTu2 robot reaching an enigmatic ” cube ”on the Moon . Perhaps one of the biggest revelations of the year for science comes from Asia.