The story of the man who hacked into NASA and discovered hundreds of puzzling photos of UFOs

Gary McKinnon managed to compromise NASA  equipment and claims to have found a large number of UFO images  in his database.


NASA , like any government institution, keeps a large number of secrets and confidential documents under lock and key .Although this information is now guarded with special suspicion by the space agency, a person managed to penetrate its defenses and hacked its computers – as well as those of other US government departments  20 years ago. Among what he claims to have found, thousands of UFO photographs that have never been made public stand out.

Gary McKinnon , a 56-year-old Scotsman who calls himself a cyber detective, managed to circumvent NASA security in what was then considered “the greatest computer attack of all time” and was able to discover files within the database of the space agency as well as those of other US military entities.

His alibi was prompted by the statement of Donna Hare , a former NASA employee who mentioned that the space agency often removed satellite images of UFOs .

Images of UFOs protected by NASA

In an interview with The Sun last May, McKinnon mentioned that he was “absolutely stunned” by the large number of images of unidentified flying objects he found on NASA computers . According to his account, he found them in four folders with the names “Filtered”, “Unfiltered”, “Processed” and “Raw”, which were in the systems of building 8 of the Johnson Space Center .

McKinnon compromised NASA computers between February 2001 and March 2002, enough time to explore 97 computers from various US government entities such as the Army , Navy, Air Force , and Department of Defense , to name but a few. Some. However, the Scotsman was arrested in 2002 only to be released shortly after and recaptured in 2005 at the request of the United States .

The indictment against him stated that McKinnon caused $700,000 in damage during his hack into the computers of government entities and interfered with the files of the US Air Force related to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Prosecutors were seeking up to 60 years in prison against him but, even with his extradition approved in 2006, appeals arguing that he has  Asperger’s syndrome and campaigns on his behalf caused the UK to block his extradition process in 2012.

“I would have had a very bad time, and they promised to ‘punish me to the maximum’ if I didn’t agree to extradition. One of them (from the North American officials) said that he wanted to ‘see him fry’, in a reference to the electric chair” , McKinnon recounted in the interview with The Sun.

NASA and its commission to investigate UFOs

On June 9, NASA confirmed the creation of a commission to investigate the UFO phenomenon following the publication of more than 400 sightings that occurred in 2014 and captured on video by the Pentagon . Due to this revelation, McKinnon’s testimony has now gained strength despite the fact that his last interview with The Sun was a month before the formation of this investigative unit.

The Scotsman mentioned that the United States decided to hide information about UFOs “either because the ships are so advanced that they are beyond human understanding or because they have managed to extract secret technology from mysterious objects that they want to keep hidden . ” However, McKinnon also noted that, in his opinion, there will be no more disclosures following the release of the Pentagon files.

“The ( Pentagon ) hearing is not significant at all for disclosure. These hearings, panel discussions and the like are never fruitful for disclosure. We must not forget the military mentality: the unknown is a potential threat or a potential tool to use. The disclosure comes from witnesses, not from the military, not from the government. All they give us is lies,” McKinnon said .