‘The Tinder Swindler’: Three similar productions to enjoy on Netflix

These are three productions similar to ‘The Tinder Scammer’ that can be enjoyed on Netflix .


The streaming company Netflix  is ​​known for releasing hits that go viral, especially capturing the attention of users who enjoy watching content based on real events, such is the case of the production ‘El esfador de Tinder’ , a documentary about three Women scammed out of a large sum of money by a man they met on the dating app.

‘The Tinder scammer’ and his success on social networks

The success of ‘The Tinder Scammer’ made documentaries about fraud and scams trending on Netflix, netizens on social networks amassed comments about the company’s original production.

Simon’s scam, the protagonist of ‘The Tinder scammer’ was undoubtedly a fraud of great proportions, many users on social networks became obsessed with the disturbing story and took the trouble to collect some similar productions, about fraud and the scam, the moral of these documentaries gives rise to “don’t trust strangers”.

Similar titles about scams and fraud

Fyre: the failure of a festival

Fyre is the story of an intention to negotiate with important figures in entertainment, the Fyre festival was without a doubt the greatest promise of a luxurious and private musical experience. With a mixture of suspense and terror, those attending the long-awaited event did not think that they would be deprived of security, food and musicians. 

Made you look: greed for art

Made you look, It is the Netflix story that largely exposes the art world as the story takes place when a woman arrives at an art gallery accompanied by a collection of paintings by great exponents, presumably still unknown. The story encompasses the greed of the art world and consolidates it into a high-stakes scam.

Icarus: the truth about doping in sport

Icarus is the story about sports scams and doping cases, a cyclist investigates doping in sports and records changes in his performance, making friends with Russian experts and revealing a doping scheme at the Sochi Olympics . This latest production was nominated by the Academy and received the award for best documentary.