The Twitter bot that tracked Elon Musk is now tracking Russian oligarchs

Elon Musk tried to close the account of the young programmer for 5 thousand dollars. His creator did not accept it.


Jack Sweeney, the creator of the bot that tracks the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet, has created a new Twitter account to track Russian oligarchs amid the European economic blockade.

The account, called RUOligarchjets, tracks the movements of 46 planes owned by more than 20 Russian oligarchs, which have suffered sanctions and flight bans in Europe following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sweeney ‘s bot is made possible by the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system, which is required for many aircraft flying in the US and the European Union. With ADS-B, aircraft use GPS and its onboard sensors to periodically calculate and transmit their position, altitude, and speed, and anyone with the appropriate receiver can listen to the transmissions. The system has revolutionized air traffic control, providing accurate position and speed data every second, much more frequently than the typical five seconds provided by ground-based radar.

ADS-B receivers can be found for just a few hundred dollars and it has a short guide that explains how people can connect those receivers to a Raspberry Pi computer and share data with the site.

Also looking for Vladimir Putin

“People have been asking me about Putin for a while. They wanted to know if they could trace it,” Sweeney told NBC News . Apparently, Putin’s planes don’t spend much time in the air, but the ultra-rich in their orbit do.

Sweeney admitted that before the weekend he had little knowledge of the Russian power structure or even what it means to be an oligarch.

“Before this, I didn’t even know these [influential] oligarchs like these existed,” he said. “They probably have a decent amount of power from what I can understand.”

The people who make up Russia ‘s new wealthy class have come under intense scrutiny following the invasion of Ukraine.

Sweeney also runs @ElonJet, which tracks the movements of Tesla’s private jet and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Musk took issue with this and sent Sweeney a direct message on Twitter, offering him $5,000 to close the account. Sweeney responded by asking for a Model 3, $50,000, and then an internship . He even explained to Musk where he got his bot data from him, which is publicly available. So far, Musk has not accepted any of the counteroffers.