The United States confirms the shooting down of another unidentified flying object on the border with Canada

Authorities confirmed the shooting down of an unidentified flying object ( UFO ) over Lake Huron , near the Canadian border .


For the third time this weekend, the United States has confirmed the downing of an unidentified flying object ( UFO ), now over Lake Huron on the Canadian border .

The news was confirmed by the US military and by the representative of Michigan, Jack Bergman, to Reuters , where he mentioned the shooting down and “thanked the decisive action of the fighter pilots.”

fear and uncertainty

The news has also been confirmed by authorities to ABC News .

For now, no details about this object are known, although a legislature source told The Wall Street Journal that it was shaped like an octagon and that it was flying at an altitude of 6 kilometers, which is why it represented a danger to commercial aviation.

Twice in 24 hours, US officials closed the airspace, only to quickly reopen it. On Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration briefly closed the gap over Lake Michigan. On Saturday, the US military mobilized fighter jets in Montana to investigate a radar anomaly there.

US Representative Elissa Slotkin, a Democrat representing a district in Michigan, said the military was “extremely vigilant” for an object over Lake Huron , which is east of Lake Michigan on the US – Canada border.

Canada also closed airspace Sunday near Tobermory, Ontario, according to Nav Canada, a private, nonprofit organization that operates the country’s air traffic control system.

Cases and more cases

This is the fourth case of UFO sighting in recent days.

First, the United States confirmed the downing of an object in Alaska . Canada later confirmed another U.S. Army-assisted casualty in Yukon .

This Sunday, finally, China also confirmed having found an unidentified flying object in the east of the country. The state media Global Times assured that it would be demolished within hours, but details of the situation are still unknown .

Unidentified flying objects can be anything from drones, natural phenomena, satellites, or secret devices in other government tests. Moreover, this last meaning is the one that causes the most fear in governments such as the United States, mainly due to its strong tensions with other nations such as Russia and China, a fact for which sightings, and in this case demolitions, are studied. with priority due to the consequences they may have at the security level.