The United States seeks to take more severe measures against Huawei and will try to ban all exports

The US wants to completely ban all exports to Huawei , now including WiFi and 4G Technology.


The United States is stopping issuing licenses that allow domestic companies to export technology to Huawei .

According to The Financial Times , the country wants to block the growth of the Chinese company again, but now in an almost total way.

Ban to China

The blockade of Huawei dates back to the administration of Donald Trump , who started this campaign alluding to national security problems.

However, some companies like Qualcomm managed to get licenses from the Department of Commerce to be able to provide connectivity technology like 4G chips, but not 5G .

Now, with this new measure, it is expected that no license will be shared with Huawei anymore .

For the United States, now led by Joe Biden, the Chinese company has ties to the Chinese government and warned its allies that the 5G it develops could be used to spy on other countries and companies, an accusation that has been denied on multiple occasions by said company. company.

The new restrictions, Reuters notes , would cover products and components related to 4G, WiFi 6 and 7, as well as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Huawei tries to survive

For its part, Huawei has begun fighting in enterprise businesses, including cloud services.

According to the company itself, the manufacturer “was able to get out of crisis mode” in 2022 and entered 2023 with the hope of returning to “business as usual.”