The final episode of The Walking Dead.



The final episode of The Walking Dead concluded with a year-long flashforward, showing us how our heroes were faring after battling Pamela Milton and the zombie horde that had invaded the Commonwealth. But, in the original plans, the episode should have ended with a further flash forward of about ten years, a bit like in the original comic.

According to Insider, the scene would have started right after Daryl’s departure from Alexandria. The action would have moved to the future, with an aerial shot of Atlanta’s Freedom Parkway, the same one Rick Grimes rode on horseback in the first episode of the series. In a van, we would have found RJ and Judith Grimes, now twenty, in the front seat, and the other children of the main characters, including Gracie (adopted daughter of Aaron) and Coco (daughter of Rosita and father Gabriel), in the back. The group would be on a mission to find new survivors, just like their parents before them. At the end of the episode, RJ reportedly spoke on the radio, saying, “If you can hear me, pick up. This is Rick Grimes.” A direct reference to the pilot – in which Rick Sr. did the same thing – and a perfect closing of the circle.

Nothing to do for the AMC management

Apparently, however, the idea did not please AMC executives, because it clashed with the world building that the network is doing to continue the saga in a series of spin-offs, which will take place directly after the events of The Walking Dead . These include a Daryl Dixon spin-off, a Maggie and Negan spin-off, and a Rick and Michonne miniseries. According to another source, the ending would have been scrapped because it wouldn’t have made sense to end the series with adult versions of characters we didn’t really know.

In any case, it would have been a poignant and spot-on ending. It’s a real shame that AMC canceled it, but this once again demonstrates the main problem of the last season and the final aired: more than a real conclusion, they were just obligatory stages to pave the way for spin-offs.