The new spin-off of The Walking Dead centered on the two bitter enemies who became allies Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ) and Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) changes its title: The Walking Dead: Dead City .


The series will consist of six episodes. Jorné, Scott M. Gimple , Cohan and Morgan will be executive producers.

The plot

In the spin-off, we will find Maggie and Negan traveling through a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, where all links to the mainland have long since been severed. The island is now filled with living dead and residents who have turned it into a place of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror.

The series will arrive in 2023 on AMC and AMC +, and will join other spin-offs already in preparation, such as the series focusing on Daryl and Carol , the anthological spin-off Tales of the Walking Dead and of course Fear the Walking Dead , the first. spin-off still in progress. All projects designed to fill the void left by the parent series, which will close later this year with season 11.

Maggie and Negan

In the series, Negan famously killed Maggie’s partner Glenn ( Steven Yeun ), and she’s been looking for revenge ever since. But recent events have brought Negan to a great change: he is now an ally of the people of Alexandria, of which he was once an enemy. Maggie was therefore forced into a difficult coexistence with the man who brutally murdered the love of her life. The tension between the two is palpable, but there is also a strong alchemy between the actors. Curiously, Cohan and Morgan also starred together in Batman v Superman , where Zack Snyder had wanted them as Bruce Wayne’s parents.