Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira appeared during The Walking Dead panel at San Diego.


Comic-Con to reveal that Rick and Michonne will return in a six-episode miniseries that will close their story arcs. The project was initially thought of as a film, then a trilogy of films, and eventually evolved into the form of a miniseries.

Scott M. Gimple , Chief Content Officer of The Walking Dead universe , will serve as showrunner, Lincoln and Gurira executive producers. The miniseries will arrive next year.

The plot

The spin-off is called an epic love story between two changed characters from a changed world. Separated by distance, unstoppable power and the ghosts of who they once were, Rick and Michonne are thrown into a new world, built on a war against the dead, and ultimately a war against the living. Will they be able to find each other and find themselves in a different place and situation from the one they have known so far? Are they enemies? Lovers? Victims? Winners? Without the other, can they be said to be alive? Or will they discover that they too are the walking dead?

Rick Grimes, star of The Walking Dead until season 9, has disappeared after being involved in the explosion of a bridge, transported away by Anne ( Pollyanna McIntosh ) and her allies in the Civic Republic Military. Michonne went looking for him in the tenth season.

The statements

Dan McDermott , President of Entertainment at AMC Studios and AMC Networks, said:

This is a moment that The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for ever since Rick went missing in the helicopter early in Season 9, and Michonne set off in search of him the following season. What a great surprise for fans in this latest Comic-Con for the series that launched this universe and made television history. We couldn’t be more excited for the series’ epic finale at the end of the year and the return of Andy and Danai in a new series they helped create, one of three series arriving in 2023 that will carry on the stories of many of the characters from. Iconic and fan-favorite TWDs .

Scott M. Gimple added:

Rick and Michonne are two of my favorite people and Danai and Andy are two of my favorite people. Collaborating with all of them continues to be a dream come true. The three of us, along with a fantastic team of TWD ‘s best and incredible new voices, are creating a mad sentimental epic that will be worth the long wait.

Andrew Lincoln said:

Playing Rick Grimes for a good part of a decade has been an extraordinary journey. The friendships I’ve made along the way are deep and lasting, so it’s fitting to finally be able to complete the story with Danai, Scott and the rest of the TWD family . I can’t wait to return to the screen as Rick, reunite with Danai and Michonne and give fans an epic love story that will expand the universe of The Walking Dead .

Finally, Danai Gurira said:

Michonne and her TWD family have meant so much to me, and being able to continue the journey of these beloved characters, alongside Scott and Andy, both creatively and in front of the camera, and give The Walking Dead fans something very special. it is simply glorious. I can’t wait to hold the katana again.

During the Comic-Con were also shown the trailers of the final episodes of The Walking Dead ( HERE ) and the anthological spin-off Tales of the Walking Dead