The Walking Dead ending will hold some surprises for fans; word of Angela Kang , the showrunner of the series.


who, interviewed by Deadline , said she was preparing for “a very emotional ride”. Kang added:

There will be some surprises, and also some incredible performances from our cast, some of the best from some of them in this series, and that’s saying a lot because they’re incredible pretty much every time.

When asked if we will see Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) again in the finale, The Walking Dead universe chief content officer Scott M. Gimple declined to answer, but confirmed that “we will see some surprises”:

Yes, we will surprise you. I hope the biggest surprise is to reach the emotional conclusion of the series.

Also, don’t expect the finale to throw too directly into the upcoming spinoffs, namely the one about Daryl Dixon and Dead City , which focuses on Maggie and Negan. Angela Kang explains:

Our idea was mostly to close this chapter somehow, but we’re going to close it while leaving a door open. Having said that, I think… Well, in one case I know that, without giving too much away, Daryl’s spin-off will start with a big twist, and I’m pretty sure Daryl and Negan’s will too, so the road from this series to those will not be exactly what you expect.

The Walking Dead finale airs on AMC Sunday, November 20, and will be available from us on Disney+ on the morning of Monday, November 21.