These are the best apps of 2021 for Android, according to Google

Google lives up to the tradition of presenting us with  the best of Google Play .

Paramount + . The streaming service’s app was chosen by the public. It is also available in Peru under subscription.

 | Source: Paramount +

Balance . A meditation and sleep control app. Provides one year of free membership for a limited time.

 | Source: Balance

Uptime . Enjoy courses, books and documentaries in just five minutes or less.

 | Source: Uptime

Clementine . It is a hypnotherapy app designed for women who want to have a better sleep and reduce anxiety.

 | Source: Clementine

Clubhouse . The fashion app (a few months ago) has received Google’s attention on this list.

 | Source: Clubhouse

Laughscape . It is an app that seeks to relax you … using comedy.

 | Source: Laughscape

Moonbeam . Can’t find the podcast that motivates you to get into this genre of audio? We recommend Metadata, but Moonbeam will give you options too.

 | Source: Moonbeam

Moonly . A tool to follow the phases of the moon and its cycles.

 | Source: Moonly

Noobly . Like a Tinder … but for gamers. The app helps users find playmates around the world with the idea of ​​creating lasting friendships.

 | Source: Noobly

PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor . The name says it all: a complete photo editor for your smartphone.

 | Source: PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

Rabit . Analyze your routine to create healthier habits.

 | Source: Rabit

Mentor Spaces. Seeks the personal development of people in the African American and Latino community in the US by connecting young people with good examples.

 | Source: Mentor Spaces

Speechify . You can read any text in different formats with AI-generated voices in different languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

 | Source: Speechify

Blossom . A simple app that identifies different plants and gives you advice on caring for them.

 | Source: Blossom

Whatify . This app revolves around movies that will change according to the decisions of the users. One even has 64 possible endings! It already has 11, which can be enjoyed for free.

 | Source: Whatify