These are the winners of NASA’s annual photo contest

NASA has revealed the four contest winners in the Portrait, Documentation, People and Places categories.


NASA has announced the winners of its annual photo contest, which seeks to artistically portray the complicated scientific work of the agency.

NASA ‘s Department of Photography revealed the winners of its fourth annual award last week, showcasing the depth and breadth of what goes on in the midst of their space missions.

NASA’s winning photos in its contest


Josh Valcarcel won first place for “Portrait” in the fourth annual NASA “Photographer of the Year” Awards . In the image, astronaut Tom Marshburn poses while wearing the Extravehicular Mobility Unit spacesuit at the Johnson Space Center on July 19, 2021.


Norah Moran won first place for “Documentation” in the contest. In the image, test subjects Kelsey Young and Tess Caswell evaluate lunar field geology tasks as part of exploration extravehicular activity (xEVA) night operations development tests conducted at Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard on May 13, 2021.