These were the most imported computer and tablet brands in 2021

HP leads in laptops and desktops, while AOC surprises in tablets.


In 2021, there was growth in the computer market , while tablets fell, according to a report by Dominio Consultores based on Customs data.

These are the brands that won, lost, entered a market or consolidated in 2021.

Laptops: HP in the lead while other brands post strong growth

Imports of laptops grew by 24.9% in 2021 compared to 2020, a figure very similar to that found for cell phones, indicates the Dominio Consultores report.

HP was the most important brand in 2021 with 413,441 units, accumulating 32.3% of the market. However, its follow-up was discreet compared to 2020 (2.5%).

Close behind is Lenovo, with 401,864 imported laptops. Its annual growth was higher (15.9%).\

Asus and Dell fight for third place very close to 10%. Both grew more than 70%. Acer is close with 7.3% of the market and less growth (37%).

More discreet is the participation of Apple , Huawei , Advance and Chuwi . Of these brands, the only one that was not imported more than in 2020 was Huawei .

Desktop: HP leading, closely followed by Lenovo

Desktop computers had a higher growth compared to 2020 (37.1%) with 214,905 units, according to the Dominio Consultores report.

HP remains the leader in this sector with 40.2% of imports and growth of 23%.

Lenovo grew more. It has 35.6% of desktop imports, but increased by 73.9%.