They hack the Ibai channel on YouTube: they change the name of Tesla and delete all its content

Ibai ‘s YouTube channel had more than 10 million subscribers. He now broadcasts about Tesla and Elon Musk ‘s promises to the company.

The YouTube channel of the famous Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos was hacked this Sunday morning.

All content on the channel with more than 10.5 million subscribers has been removed and it has now changed its name to Tesla .

known behavior

Ibai is not the first youtuber whose account has been stolen, but it is surprising due to the importance of the figure for social networks in Spanish.

The hack caused videos posted by the content creator to be removed, the channel’s name to be renamed Tesla US , and a live stream of Elon Musk discussing Cybertruck trucks and future products to come.

This type of attack is well known. Cybercriminals steal large accounts and mainly seek to deceive people with “real videos” of the CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter , asking for investments with false rates of return in cryptocurrencies to fake accounts of the tycoon.

Ibai reacts

The Spaniard spoke about the event.

“The fact that you have hacked my YouTube channel is something that touches my balls @elonmusk”, he comments on Twitter. “You screwed up my Sunday asshole.”

Although YouTube hasn’t touched on the issue so far, Ibai ‘s channel is starting to get back on track. First Tesla live stream removed , profile picture changed to Ibai ‘s , though name still not reset.

What also does not appear is the huge list of videos of the streamer, which will surely take time to appear as on other occasions with channels in the same situation.