They recreate the explosion of a nuclear bomb seen from a nearby beach through virtual reality

In the shared scene, you can see how a user experiences the nuclear explosion on a beach near the scene thanks to VR .


Virtual reality  has allowed us to recreate situations to unleash the human imagination without harming anyone in the real world, putting us in situations that no one would want to be in if it were to happen. The explosion of a nuclear bomb is obviously one of them and although works such as movies or video games have brought us closer to its catastrophic effects, none is as personal as this new VR experience .

Through a video that was uploaded to various social networks and Internet forums such as Twitter or Reddit , we can appreciate the virtual reality experience that a user prepared to make us experience the enormous power of a nuclear explosion from a very close area. Without a doubt, a terrible event that has been seen a few times in the history of humanity and all with disastrous results.

A nuclear explosion in VR

The scene places us in the perspective of a person present on a beach near the scene, moments before the nuclear bomb hits the high seas. Below is the total devastation of the beach and all the surrounding vegetation. According to the data that accompanies the video, the detonation of this weapon of mass destruction is of a size similar to that of the United States military tests .

From the distance at which the subject that we interpret in the virtual experience is located, this would be one more victim of the harmful effects of the radiation caused by the bomb if it happened in real life. The National Nuclear Security Administration of the United States Department of Energy mentioned that being far enough away from the detonation zone does not ensure the well-being of people, although there are different versions on the matter.

A detail that divides opinions about nuclear explosions

For example, physicists at the University of Leicester in England carried out research for a scientific article and determined that the famous “law of the thumb” that some movies, series and video games with this theme have proposed could work depending on the conditions.

“Research showed that if a 15-kiloton nuclear bomb were to detonate, and your thumb outstretched at arm’s length covered the blast, you could survive most of the negative effects of radiation by running sideways downwind down the wind. a minimum of 1.65 kilometers in half an hour given that you are standing directly upwind of the explosion. Having the stem of the mushroom cloud smaller than your thumb may mean you could be relatively safe, but it’s always a good idea to evacuate anyway .