They sell for US $ 6 million the skeleton of a gorgosaur, the cousin of the T Rex

Sotheby’s auctioned in New York an extraordinary specimen of this “terrible hunter” who roamed the Earth 76 million years ago.


Renowned auction house Sotheby’s sold an exceptionally preserved skeleton of a gorgosaurus for $6.1 million .

The skeleton, belonging to a member of the tyrannosaurid or tyrannical lizard family, was found in 2018 in the Judith River formation near Havre, in the US state of Montana.

Gorgosaur remains are not usually found in the United States , as they are more common in Canada. These dinosaurs roamed the Earth about 76 million years ago.

The company estimated the value of the auction between 5 and 8 million dollars, with the final price landing at 6,069,500 dollars at an event held in New York.

According to Sotheby’s , this is the highest amount paid for a gorgosaur to date, being the first to be available for purchase at auction.

The extraordinary specimen is ready to be exhibited, measuring almost 3 meters high and 6.6 meters long.

Thanks to the laws of the United States, it can be freely exported if the new owner wishes.

Cousin of the T Rex?

With a long tail and robust hind legs – the front ones are barely developed – a powerful jaw, with sharp teeth like knives used to tear its victims, it was a fearsome hunter, especially when operating in a group.

A typical adult gorgosaur could weigh up to two tons, and its large size was accompanied by a highly developed sense of smell and eagle vision, making it a “dominant force and unique predator”.

Paleontologists believe that it was faster and more ferocious than its famous “cousin”, the T Rex . Gorgosaurus is also much older than T Rex, by about 9 to 10 million years.

“In my career, I have had the privilege of managing and selling many rare and unique objects, but few capable of inspiring awe and capturing imaginations like this incredible gorgosaur skeleton,” Cassandra Hatton, Sotheby’s vice president and head of the museum, told AFP . department of science and popular culture at the time of the announcement of its sale.