They sue a delivery app for charging more to users with iPhone

Class action lawsuit claims iPhone users were paying more for the same DoorDash order .


The DoorDash delivery app is the subject of a $1 billion lawsuit for apparently overcharging users who ordered from iPhones .

The class action lawsuit, filed in a Maryland district court on May 5, alleges that DoorDash engaged in “deceptive and fraudulent” practices with “illegal” charges for Apple iOS users . That is, the iPhone .

Charging iPhone users more?

According to the lawsuit, the delivery app charged iPhone users up to $2 more on separate orders placed, for example, on Android devices .

“These tactics are ways to take money from us,” said Ross Hecox, a single father using DoorDash and a DashPass subscriber , where he received “exclusive discounts.”

This charge, the lawsuit alleges, is part of an “extended range” surcharge, but is not actually related to the distance from the restaurant to the customer.

“ DoorDash does not charge more based on the type of the client’s phone”, indicated a spokesperson for the company to the New York Post.

On TikTok, a user wanted to find out if DoorDash charged more based on devices. The same order at Chick-fil-A in the same location cost $27.39 on an iPhone , while it cost $26.39 on an Android device.