This creepy photo of an ant’s face went viral

It was one of the photographs selected in the Nikon Small World contest .

Sometimes we don’t need science fiction or special effects to find creepy images.

This is well known to the Lithuanian photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas, who has seen how one of his snapshots has gone viral.

The fascinating photo of an ant

Kavaliauskas recently won an honorable distinction in the Nikon Small World competition , which brings together the best of microphotography .

” Ant ” is the image with which the photographer achieved the distinction and which has gone viral.

“Image from a horror movie? No. This is the real face of an ant. An ant. Now think about it all night,” PhD Rebekah McKendry tweeted while sharing the photo on Twitter last week.

The photo of the ant accumulates almost 135 thousand “likes” on Twitter .

According to the Nikon contest page , the image was achieved using the reflected light technique with an objective lens with five magnifications (5X).

“I always look for details, shadows and unseen corners. The main objective of photography is to discover,” the photographer told Insider .

Another photo to scare

Another viral-worthy photo came thanks to Dr. Andrew Posselt of the University of California, San Francisco.

In this one, he achieves an incredible close-up of a jumping spider.