This is how NASA astronauts celebrate Thanksgiving on the ISS

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station revealed their Thanksgiving plans as they orbit 252 miles above Earth.

Members of NASA’s Expedition 66 released a video sharing how they planned their traditions for Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every November 25 in the United States .

Astronaut NASA , Raja Chari, acknowledged that his colleagues still need to perform 90 minutes or two hours of exercise to stay healthy in the environment with microgravity , this routine during Thanksgiving is called the “trot turkey” .

“I have some special surprise colored headbands for the crew to wear ,” Chari said as she handed out some Thanksgiving meals, including crab bisque, yam confit and cherry, blueberry pie, along with the must-have turkey.

Celebrations in space

The NASA also released a video in which he analyzes the history of Thanksgiving in space. The agency reveals that the first celebration of this date outside of Earth took place aboard Skylab 3 in 1973.

The next celebration took place aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 1985. Then, with the construction of the International Space Station at the turn of the century, Thanksgiving has been celebrated in space every year since 2000.

The International Space Station uses universal time (UTC) to keep time and celebrate Thanksgiving, which officially began in space at 7:00 pm ET on Wednesday, November 24, ending 24 hours later. .