This is how reactions with emojis will work in WhatsApp

WhatsApp will have six types of reactions for personal or group messages.


Closer and closer. WhatsApp is about to officially launch message reactions, where users will be able to illustrate an emotion to content with just a tap.

This tool has been in the works since last year, with the possibility that it will be launched soon . Now, with the new changes in the beta feature, its arrival is imminent.

This is how reactions with emojis work in WhatsApp

The user will be able to react as if it were Messenger, Facebook or Instagram to personal messages.

All you have to do is keep your finger on the message you want to react to and six emojis will appear for six types of emotions: like, love, laugh, surprised, sad and thank you.

WaBetaInfo has now pointed out that WhatsApp is adding a feature in Settings regarding this issue. You will be able to mute (or put sound) to these reactions in a specific way, since they have their own extra option apart from the sound in the rest of the notifications.

For the rest, just wait. Although almost all the components are already in the beta, their arrival on the official servers is still uncertain.