This is how you can disable the automatic start of Spotify in Windows

Spotify app is really useful, albeit tedious when it automatically opens on the windows start screen. How to disable it?


Spotify is currently one of the most famous and well-known platforms to be able to entertain its users listening to music and podcasts.

Thanks to it, users can enjoy any song without having to search for it or download it, all in 100% legal streaming.

However, when installed on a Windows computer, Spotify is set by default to activate at the start of each session. That is why, in this note, we will teach the solution so that this does not happen anymore, which sometimes becomes uncomfortable.

Disable the automatic appearance of Spotify

Within the Spotify configuration there is the option to disable the automatic start of the program. Here the tips:

  1. Enter the application and go to the Preferences Panel . Which is found in MENU > EDIT .
  2. Once inside, go to the bottom and select the Advanced program settings option.
  3. In that category you can select or remove the option to open Spotify automatically when you turn on your computer.
  4. You can choose between activated or also the option to place “minimized” so that it only appears on the desktop but does not open suddenly.

If this method doesn’t work use the next option

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + Esc to open the Windows Task Manager. Select the “Home” tab at the top and look for the entry that corresponds to “ Spotify ” .
  2. Here you can view the task manager to see if it is running or not.
  3. Right-clicking on this entry can disable it, thus preventing the program from running at system startup.

And voila, with these two options, Spotify  will not appear again every time our computer is turned on.